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How Does It Work?

We know that you don't sell a home every day but want to get results like you do. We excel at buying homes without making the process complicated. Helping you find a better way to sell is easy with our 3-step process.

  1. Contact one of our property representatives and receive an offer in 9 minutes.

  2. Review and sign your offer paperwork online.

  3. Schedule your close date

We cut out all of this uncertainty and stand behind all of our promises and the offers we make. With Foxy Home Buyer, you have a buyer that wants to see the deal through to the end and works with you to achieve the ideal outcome.

What Is Your Situation?

We can buy your home for cash, but we also do so much more. We don’t believe in putting homeowners in the cash-only box. Instead, we offer custom solutions to fit your current situation and goals. 

  • Vacant Investment Property

  • Inherited Property You Don’t Want or Need

  • Repairs You Can’t/Don’t Want to do

  • Back Taxes Owed

  • Living Out of Town with an Empty Home Just Sitting There

  • Tenants Paying Late or Not at All

  • Divorce

  • Foreclosure Looming

  • Need Debt Relief

  • Need Cash Now


Whatever your situation, we’ll help you solve it with our personal, customized approach.

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Ready to get started? Just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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