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We could use your help

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If you remember, I told you because you're part of the family now. What? I haven't? Well, like family sometimes does, we are reaching out to you for money.


Yeah just like when your other family asked for money it will be awkward at first and you will have a bunch of questions about how you are going to get your money back. And there will be some risks that you will have to weigh.


But unlike you lending money to family in the past, this isn't a loan to help us out of a jam or some "What if idea". It's something that we know well, making profits in real estate.


We've been growing!


We have grown a bunch since 2020 and we can no longer handle the number of homes we are buying with our own capital. Daily we're getting more and more good opportunities to invest in properties that make sense. Instead of turning them down or reselling them to other investors, we are coming to our Foxy Family to work with us on our deals.


If you have some money sitting in a safe account that you want to earn more money on than you are right now, we need to talk.


Book your call with me now here to hear more about what we have happening.


We have 3 investments ready to go right now that we need to let's book and we'll talk it out.

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