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From Crack House to Dream Home

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Story Time!

This story takes place in the Clair-Mel section of Tampa. It's a tale of how we took a house, every neighbor knew was the spot where crack and dope was being used and sold, to be in one of the nicest homes on the whole block.

It all started one day when I got a call about a property in Tampa. The property had been abandoned by a woman named Yolanda years ago. It was a tough situation for her because her brother was living in the home and had a substance-abuse problem. She called me because she had gotten a call from the bank that told her that if she did not take care of the issues she would receive a foreclosure against her.


Now, what was really cool about the situation is that Yolanda, after we got to know each other, said that she felt like it was a gift from God that we called because she had been recently doing some meditation and prayers for some financial abundance in her life and she wanted a solution to get rid of all the things that were causing stress like this house. So, she responded to a piece of mail. Here telling How it was for her

We talked over the phone and I proceeded to help Yolanda talk about the house. She was living in Orlando at the time, and when I got there, I found a home to be in worse situation than she thought. Her brother had already passed away two years before, and there was a guy named Ronald who now lived in the property. He was a nice enough guy, but Ronald also had a substance-abuse problem, and admitted that he wasn't planning on going anywhere. And talking with the neighbors, they told me that the house had been lived in for over two years without any running water or electricity.

I told Yolanda after seeing the situation that she had not only one squatter in the house, but now about four that would come in and out, it was now officially a squatter house, and people were using drugs and everything else in there. So, what was the solution? Well, I told her I would help her and get it done, and that's what we did. We started out by battling with the Code violations department at the City of Tampa, because the property had several issues that needed to be fixed up. Once we got them to be on our side, and told them that we would fix the issues, we didn't have to figure out what we would do with the tenants on the inside who had come to be very familiar with the property.

We decided to talk to the guy living in the house and tell him that we were going to relocate him at no cost. He did not want to go, so what we ended up doing is making a plea with him and Yolanda to help relocate him to a homeless shelter and paid for him to live there for a whole month while he got himself situated and back with family. Now, this was one of the most difficult sales that we ever did, but the story is evident about how we don't give up on closings and getting the home sold. After

At the end of the day, Yolanda did not have any bankruptcy, she avoided foreclosure and now is in a really great financial situation five years later, and very grateful for our service.

There are a lot of great homebuyers out there, some that are less desirable as well. But I will tell you that we here at FoxyHomeBuyer know what we're doing and we make sure we get it done right. And there are tens and twenties of other Yolanda's out there that didn't leave any reviews, and I'm happy with what we've been able to do over the years. The question is, why are you not calling Foxy Home Buyer to purchase your home? We are becoming Florida's #1 home buyer because of success stories like this one. Give us a call today and let us help you with your home buying or selling needs. We did it for Yolanda and we’ll do it for you too.

If you have a similar story like Yolanda and have a property you want to sell but has some "troubling" tenants. Don't worry, we can help you with that. Just pick up your phone and call 866-404-3699 and we will handle the hassle for you. We will even buy it As-Is so you don't need to have it renovated or repaired to sell it.

Keep it Foxy,

"Mr. Foxy"

Damon H

Sales Manager & Founder

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