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How To Prepare For Relocation While Selling Your Home

To prepare for a relocation while selling your home, you need to sort out your belongings, choose your moving method, cancel your services, improve your home’s value, and update your address.

Let me elaborate on each one.

Start cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your belongings as soon as your house goes on the market. Pack unused items that you plan to keep and label each box’s contents. Donate or sell unneeded items to charity or have a garage sale.

Decide whether you need to hire movers or you can handle the move on your own. If you’re hiring movers, get price estimates and a list of services. If you’re moving everything yourself, check moving-truck prices and reserve a truck.

Contact people who work for you regularly—such as pool maintenance companies, housekeepers, and gardeners—to cancel their services. Leave their business cards for the new owners.

Get your home ready by focusing on small tweaks with a big impact. Switch out your throw pillows on your couch for fresh prints, add lamps to dark corners, declutter your closets and counters, and take an honest look at your home’s curb appeal.

Do a comparative market analysis to determine the fair market value of your home. Get a pre-listing inspection to identify and address any major issues that could affect the sale. Fix the small stuff that could turn off potential buyers.

Keep track of all moving expenses, because some might be tax-deductible. Look into job relocation package options if your employer is offering any assistance or reimbursement for your move.

Update your address with your subscriptions, bank accounts, credit cards, utility companies, insurance providers, and other important contacts. Forward your mail to your new address through the postal service.


Traci W

Transaction Coordinator

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