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The Top Amenities Homebuyers Are Looking for in 2023

Updated: Jun 20, 2023


If you are planning to sell your home in 2023, you might be wondering what features and amenities will attract the most buyers and increase the value of your property.

Based on recent surveys and market trends, here are some of the top amenities that homebuyers are looking for in 2023.

Outdoor kitchen

Cooking and dining outdoors is not just a summer activity anymore. More and more buyers are looking for homes that have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with features like a grill, a sink, a refrigerator, and a pizza oven. An outdoor kitchen can extend the living space of your home and create a perfect spot for entertaining guests or enjoying family meals.

Home Office

Home office

The pandemic has changed the way many people work, and remote work is likely to continue in the future. That's why a home office is one of the most sought-after amenities for homebuyers in 2023. A home office should have a dedicated space with natural light, a comfortable desk and chair, and a reliable internet connection. A home office can also double as a guest room or a study room when needed.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency

Homebuyers in 2023 are not only concerned about saving money on their utility bills, but also about reducing their environmental impact. Energy-efficient features like solar panels, smart thermostats, LED lighting, and low-flow faucets can make your home more attractive to eco-conscious buyers and increase its resale value.

Modern Bathroom

Modern bathroom

A bathroom is more than just a place to shower and brush your teeth. It's also a place to relax and pamper yourself after a long day. Homebuyers in 2023 are looking for bathrooms that have modern fixtures, spacious showers, soaking tubs, heated floors, and smart mirrors. A modern bathroom can make your home feel more luxurious and comfortable.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring

Wood flooring is a timeless and classic choice that never goes out of style. Homebuyers in 2023 prefer wood flooring over carpet or tile because it's durable, easy to clean, and adds warmth and character to any room. Wood flooring can also complement any decor style and color scheme.

These are some of the top amenities that homebuyers are looking for in 2023. If you want to sell your home fast and for the best price, you might want to consider adding or upgrading some of these features to your property. You can also consult with a local real estate agent or a home staging expert to get more tips on how to make your home more appealing to buyers.

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