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What is a Home Inspection And Why You Need it

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough examination of the condition of a property, including the structure, systems, and components. It is an important step in the home buying process as it can uncover potential issues with the property that may not be immediately visible to the naked eye.

What happens duing a home inspection?

During a home inspection, a licensed inspector will thoroughly inspect the property, inside and out, from top to bottom. This typically includes a visual inspection of the roof, exterior walls, foundation, basement or crawl space, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, and appliances.

The inspector may also test appliances, such as the furnace and water heater, to ensure they are functioning properly.

How would you know what's wrong?

The inspector will provide a detailed report of their findings, including any major issues or deficiencies they discovered. This report can be used to negotiate repairs or credits with the seller, or to help the buyer make an informed decision about whether to move forward with the purchase.

Benefits of home inspection before buying

There are several benefits to having a home inspection for the buyer. A home inspection can help identify potential issues with the property that may not be immediately visible, such as water damage, mold, or electrical problems.

Saving money in the long run

Uncovering issues during a home inspection can save the buyer money in the long run. Rather than discovering these issues after moving in and having to pay for repairs out of pocket, the buyer can negotiate for the seller to make the necessary repairs or credits before closing.

Peace of mind

A home inspection can provide peace of mind for the buyer, knowing that they are making an informed decision about the property they are purchasing.

Protect the investment: A home inspection can protect the buyer's investment by identifying any issues that may affect the value of the property in the future.

Overall, a home inspection is a valuable step in the home buying process that can protect the buyer's investment and provide peace of mind. It is important to choose a licensed and experienced inspector to ensure a thorough and accurate inspection.

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Traci W

Transaction Coordinator

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