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What To Do When Your Buyer Cancels The Sale

In every transaction there can be unfortunate events. One that we mostly pray for, especially when you just got yourself a good deal, is for it to get canceled or halted for reasons.

If you’ve ever been in this situation, what do you do? Who do you call? What moves can you make? Here are some things you can do so that you won’t be in this predicament.

Let Mr. Foxy suggest a couple of things you can do in this situation.

Do your research

One easy way to prevent this tragedy is to get to know your potential buyer. Research your buyer first. Make sure that the buyer you’re going with isn’t bogus. Ask the buyer how many homes he/she bought in the past 6 months. Is he reputable? How much are the homes he’s buying? Is the price of your home within his/her price range? These are some of the things you should be asking the buyer and or looking for information online. If you can’t find any recent sales or relevant information about the buyer then that in itself is a red flag and you should avoid that buyer right away.

Collect the deposit if they breach their contract

If you’ve ever found a buyer and suddenly they told you they’re backing out, see if they breach any of the terms in the contract. If they do, then see if you can collect any of the earnest money deposit. You should be able to collect that if the buyer breaches any of the terms set since it’s part of the contract. It may not be a full solution but at least you’re getting something out of it.

Find out the reason why

One of the things you can do is simply just talk to the buyer and try to know what the reason is. Sometimes people just don’t keep their word. It’s just the way it is. So by talking to them straight both parties can try to figure out how to complete the sale if there are any issues.


If you’re in the state of Florida and your buyer backs out, a great solution is to just call

Foxy Home Buyer. Call us at 866-404-3699 and we’ll set you right up. As soon as you call we’ll start the process of getting to know you and your property so we can start buying your home. With our Guaranteed Sold Program we can give you our Foxy Guarantee that your home will be sold at the highest possible price. If we can’t buy your property we’ll help you sell your home.


Tracy W

Transaction Coordinator

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