Mr. Foxy


Long time Real Estate professional and Real Estate Investor. I enjoy surfing and exercise.


I also enjoy Basketball, Travel and Spending time with my family.



Soccer Rocker


Soccer is my passion. Ever since I started walking I have had a ball at my feet, or so my parents say.


Fishing, definitely my go-to when I just want to get away from the real-world and have some privacy with nature.



Needs more cowbell


I enjoy watching tv shows and
movies as well as sports or any
physical activities. 

The majority of my time is spent with family, as well as the internet.



The voice


Singer, music lover, and a single mom. I want spending my weekend with friends and family just hanging out.

I like taking photos and videos of wonderful places creating 
memories along the way.



Get er done


I'm a technology geek if I have to label myself. I spend most of my time playing video games, tinkering with my computer and watching computer related videos on the internet.



Who Is Foxy Home Buyer? 

We are an experienced team of problem solvers with a knack for getting things done! Using the latest technology and simple approach to home-buying available, we get rid of the hoops others make you jump through to get your home sold.

What Foxy Home Buyer is NOT!

You’ve probably heard about all of the cash-for-homes businesses out there and you might make the assumption that any company in the homebuying business is the same. Not Foxy Home Buyer. The primary trend we’ve seen is companies come into a community, provide low-ball offers to desperate sellers, and then are gone as quickly as they came. That’s not how we do business. 


The big problem with these other companies is they only offer one solution: fast cash. We do offer fast, fair-value, cash for homes, but we also do so much more. Our main goal is to listen to your needs, identify the correct course of action, and then provide that ideal outcome for you. Whether that means buying your home cash, referring you to our network of agents that we know can find a buyer for you, or helping you find a way to turn your home into an income-generating rental, we’ll always go over your options without any hard sells or strings attached.

We Live Our Values!


We believe in a few things here at Foxy:


  • We hold ourselves accountable and stand by our promises.

  • Courage to face challenges head-on with smart, practical solutions to get things done!

  • Consistency in our work and always striving to be better.

  • Innovation in our strategies and solutions.

  • We care about our community and want to see it in a better place.

  • Determination to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Let’s Get Started


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